Koala Kare Child Protection Seat

Protection of the child:

The foldable child protection is a toilet seat with a nylon safety strap that has been designed for wall-mounting. You can place it in different places such as dressing rooms or toilets where mothers find it tough to carry the child as well as the task. Whenever an adult is supposed to go to washrooms or such places where they need their hands to get free, they can easily watch their toddler sitting in this child protection seat. If the backplate is properly fixed the bench can support up to 22.7 Kg. You must keep the view that the mounting hardware furnished is only suitable for compartments, not for a permanent wall. The unit has been manufactured by Koala Kare, a Bobrick division, with a concealed metal hinge mechanism. This plastic is slightly textured, will be easy to clean.

Best for external use:

This is highly recommended that it must not use for daily routine rather it must be used in such cases where you find it difficult to carry. Polyethylene seat surface exclusively contains Microban antimicrobial, reducing odor-causing bacteria. Constructed with 31% recycled materials; contributes to LEED-certified building requirements. A child can easily sit as long as you are around this is a perfect seat with safety ensured. But here is caution as well that you must not use it for regular use but for some time.

A reliable source for parents:

Parents always focus on such things which can not only provide comfort and luxurious life to the kid but relaxation for parents as well. For instance, if some adult is supposed to carry the child meanwhile he has to go to the washroom use, this seat is perfectly in use. Parents can always rely upon it as it is functional for a specific purpose.

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