Roboactor Humanoid Intelligent Robot TT313

The robot is this world:

The world of kids is full of fantasy and joy and robot can fill the best part of it. Roboactor robot is the perfect thing to buy so that you people can enjoy and learn simultaneously. This robosapien robot is smart with the control of voice and programs. This is furnished with a lot of equipements inside. It is particularly designed by NASA scientists and it is having many characteristics in it. A complete battery setup is inserted in it. A child may consider it the most easy thing to play, while on the other hand an adult can specify the systems hidden in it.


The robot is behaving as  if human in many areas of life. This is complete battery system and you can use it for more than 6 hours. It contains the charges with it and easily rechargeable. If you feel it looking dirty you can wipe with cloth and it will all clean. Its speed is quite fast. Some main functions are:

  1. kicking
  2. sweep
  3. Dancing
  4. Kung-fu movements
  5. Walking
  6. Running & turning


  • Battery: four Model D batteries for the robot, three AA batteries for the remote control (not included in the package)
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 20cm x 35cm
  • For ages 3+

Pleasures of a kid:

Sometimes what we all want is the pleasure of the kid and when a kid is having a robot and he it acts like upon the saying of the kid. It becomes obvious for a kid to feel pleasure in robots actions. For a baby pleasure, it is mandatory to buy this kind of toy for your kid. This robot is named as humanoid which explains the qualities of it as comparable to humans. It is so intelligent to understand the given task and act upon on it. A kids wants something to work according to his little mind so does this work done by this humanoid intelligent robot.

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