L.O.L. Surprise! DIY Glitter Station, Multicolor


  • Customize all your L.O.L. Surprise dolls with glitter and fuzz!
  • Decorate L.O.L. Surprise pets and accessories, too!
  • Add glue, place doll in Playset, then spin the ball to DIY the most fabulous dolls!
  • Includes 4 colors of glitter and 4 colors of Fuzz.
  • Also includes an exclusive doll, 2 outfits, an accessory, shoes, a mannequin, glue, 4 brushes, and 5 face masks.

Glitter Station:

You may have seen the cute little girls playing with the dolls. Their favorite play is to play with dolls. This may include the setting of the hairstyling and dressing of them. Glitter station is therefore made for girls and decorating the dolls. Glitter and fuzz are given for the decor of the dolls, no worries these are easily washable. Dolls are so much pretty and when you find them you should get them ready.


These are available in multi-color and you can buy them for the entertainment of kids. Dolls have variations in them. These dolls, pets, and all the accessories are customized. This is full-time play for kids. You have to decorate the things and when they are fully decorated,  you can wash them with the warm waters. Once these are washed you can re-use them and customize them again as per your wish.

L.O.L Surprise:

LOL, the surprise is presenting you always the new and stylish things for kids. Kids are prone to play with dolls, but a kid can learn in various ways with such glitters. These dolls become kid’s favorite and thus they spend their lot of time playing with them. The spinning ball evenly tosses the glitter or fuzz to glamorize L.O.L. Surprise dolls, pets, and accessories. Wash L.O.L. Surprise dolls in warm water to remove glitter and fuzz.

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