Lego Town Center for Kids

Lego Town Center:

LEGO town center comes with something bigger and massive. Here the town center is a full-time play where kids astonish to see the whole town center. These are little toys where different kinds of real markets and other things are organized. It is the best idea to give someone this gift where kids love to play cherish and enjoy. Moreover, So many characters create fun among the kids, not only give them ample time to play but also the perfect things to enjoy. Thus, Physical activity to engage kids in something playful results in healthy activity. Kids should be accustomed to playing and thus they can show their capability in life.



  • The premium-quality LEGO City Town Center (60292) playset comes with detailed buildings. Cool vehicles, and fun characters from the LEGO City Adventures TV series.
  • Includes LEGO Road Plates and all kids need to build a toy pizzeria, car wash, dojo, park, recycling station, truck, EV, motorcycle, and bicycle, plus 8 Minifigures and baby and guide dog figures.
  • This LEGO set is packed with realistic functions. Kids can drive vehicles through the car wash to spin the washer brushes. Collect the recycling containers with the truck’s crane and lots more.
  • The LEGO City Town Center playset makes an impressive Christmas, birthday, or any other-day gift for kids who love creative play and for fans of the LEGO City Adventures TV series.
  • Accessory elements include pizza boxes and a pizza serving bat. There’s also a set of LEGO Road Plates, so kids can connect to other LEGO playsets to build their own city!
  • Includes a printed building guide and Instructions PLUS – part of the free LEGO Building Instructions app for smart devices. This interactive construction guide helps kids become master builders!
  • LEGO City playsets come with colorful buildings, cool toy vehicles, and fun characters that stimulate imaginative role play as kids create open-ended adventures in realistic settings.


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