Meet The Founder of Company “Ali Akram

1) ToysUAE The Company:

CEO Ali akram is a Toysuae is a renowned name of trust and confidence, an online store to provide you with everything you need, just with one click. A platform where parents can enjoy the happiness of kids, by buying them all the stuff they want. We are providing the best services across the United Arab Emirates. Quality with service at the Doorstep is our motive. We started our Company in the year 2013 and moved ahead with the feeling of hard work and compassion. Our mission is to be everywhere, to provide everyone with the facilities of buying. We are the whole team, and our members are working day and night to enhance this platform and prove themselves in the best way.

2) Let’s meet Mr.Ali Akram:

Mr. Ali Akram is the one who is leading the company, the founder and the CEO of the company. He joined different places to comfort his mind, but the idea of dealing with something extraordinary shifted his mind to an online toy store. Any company’s main executive officer is the one who is an active participant between the Board of Directors and the Officials, usually, the person is the backbone of the Company. The responsibilities and commitments of such a person are considered on a huge level. Any company’s CEO manages general operations related to a lot of major issues. We have the best CEO taking all the major activities of the company under his control. Ali Akram (CEO) deals with all the high-level strategic decisions along with the little issues concerning the company. We never compromise over quality and that is again under the supervision of Ali Akram to select the best manufacturers. Our company is ranked high by everyday success just because of the efforts and management of our team lead. Our main focus is Kids and their pleasures to enrich the joys and happiness of childhood by providing them the best toys and essentials.

3) Chief Financial Officer :

A company’s chief financial officer is the one who is looking after the finance of the Company. CFOs makes wise decisions related to financial situations, Sale and purchase setup, and other such things. There are a lot of responsibilities a CFO is supposed to handle for example supervision of the staff who are leading towards the Bank Accounts situations and looking Accounts department. It is under the control of the CFO to review the profit and loss. Here in the ToysUAE Company, we have Mrs. Yasmeen who honestly deals with all the financial issues and problems. It is again under her responsibility to see the changes in IRS regulations.

4) Journey of the company:

In Oct 2013, we started the project of an Online business where we can sell any kind of kid’s accessories and toys. We worked as a professional team in this field where we can prove ourselves the best. The company started the journey with very few resources. Founder Ali Akram, proved himself competent in the field of Toys with the best quality. ToysUAE is a project where Mothers can find everything belonging to a child. It is a vision to provide the best facilities to all. With minimum resources, we started this project that is growing day by day and reaching the best way. The vision is to provide comfort and ease to all mothers. Especially for those who are working ladies and cannot find much time to go out, it is perhaps a wonderful idea to provide everything at your doorstep. The idea is to explore new ways of the upbringing of the child in the best possible way.

5) What inspired Ali Akram:

After completing his degree, he decides to work in the field of printing. But it did not prove satisfactory so he changed his mind and planned to construct a company. His interest was in the Great perceptions and ideologies that lead to forming a Company. Kid’s love and care are in fact the basic thing, that compelled the founder to lead ahead. Noticing the needs of parents in begetting the child, Ali got inspired and planned to reach to every person in the best possible way. Helping the parents in the upbringing of the child made us realize our needs and therefore it became imperative thing to start an Online Setup for the convenience of all the parents. Ali’s motto is to “Work Hard” therefore the Company is getting success from a one-man show to complete management and officials. His favorite piece of advice Takes time to know yourself. “Know thyself,,” said Aristotle.

6) Mr, Ali Akram’s Main Perspective in life:

Mr. Ali is doing so much for the Company, he is a workaholic person who is always ready to accomplish his tasks. During his working hours he follows these steps:

  • Work on Time
  • Satisfying response of Customers
  • Dealing in the best ways







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