What to Include in Lunch time of Kids

Lunch time is important for kids:

Lunch time is important for kids as you have to prepare a lot of things for them and the variety in the lunch can increase their appetite and their ability to think and they can release their food sometimes when they are going to their school or any institution where they have to read write they need a lot of food a lot of things with nutrients that can increase their mental capability and their immunity system does they can be able to give more focused their studies sometimes what it really happens if you give them same lunch every day this can create monotony in their food therefore it is mandatory to provide them different snacks different lunch prepared first of all we should see that a lunch box size should be expand enough to provide the basic food to the kids.

What  NOT to add for health:

Things that should not be the part of their lunch box can be chips, junk food, burgers. These can distract their stomach and does not prove a good diet for them. You must not take chocolate for them because if it will melt till the lunch time and thus they can place the melted chocolate, here and there, over the uniform, lunch box and the bags, and it can creat mess. So,we should avoid giving them chocolate in their food and they should not be given junk food. One important things is they should not be given the same repeated lunch. It would decrease their interest in lunch, we should try to make things attractive for them.

Healthy Meal:

Healthy meal is what we actually aspire and try to provide our kids. For example we can give them small pieces of nuggets wrapping in their wheat paratha. We can give them meat or chicken pieces roasted or boiled form so that they can eat it. We can provide raw vegetables to them, this can increase their immunity system. Salad in raw form can delight them most.

Kids lunch should be full of nutrients:

What id most important to them, is nutrients if the food is full of nutrients and kids are taking the most advantage out of their lunch then it is pretty good. Protien is important for kids,, you must provide them in any form. They must be given carbs and other nutrient providing vitamins to them.

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