Multi-Purpose Edge Protector Black

Home is Home:

Whenever you see your home, you feel a lot more things to buy and decor the home. The baby at your home is in fact the whole universe and you have no full stop. Baby is most of the time revolving here and there. We all the time running for the child’s security and everything like table dressing table drawers is the alarming signs for baby. Sometimes even the mommies are in a hurry that they get hurt by these corners. Running after the one and bothering the other makes it compulsory to get hit by some mistake.

Material of it:

The foam is made of soft material so that if a kid rushes towards such things and gets clash then this foamy material can help a kid. Sometimes you have left the kids at home for playing and running. You feel at easiness when you see these foamy materials attached at the edges of the hard things furniture. It is named a multi-purpose edge protector that may create a comfortable environment to play and to work quickly. You may have seen that kids always running after each other.


  • Ideal for sharp-edged tables, chairs, and low shelves
  • The foam is made of soft material to protect your child from hurting themselves against sharp corners
  • Adhesive strips included, for simple peel and stick installation
  • Non-toxic, soft, and durable
  • Easy to use and install throughout your home
  • 1-year warranty

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