Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber


  •            Climb the stairs to access the platform and pretend to be a pirate protecting the ship
    • Crawl space underneath is a great place for children to hide during hide-and-seek
    • Sliding down the slide is exciting for little thrill seekers
    • The ball drop will intrigue kids as the play balls zigzag down the maze into the ball pit
    • Includes 10 play balls
    • Intended for family and domestic outdoor use only over proper surfacing
    • Adult assembly required

Play Ball fun:

Sliding, Crawling and dropping the balls to catch again. It is a complete fun package for kids where they can play with the balls, as 10 balls are already included in this product. Surprisingly enough the size of this product is not a huge one your little ones can also enjoy playing in it. A little set of games are introduced where a kid drops the ball into the zigzag maze from where the ball reaches to end. This trick will amaze the kid and he would repeatedly try it, this is in fact the beauty of it. This product is for kids and therefore designed in a way keeping the weight of the kids,  adult should not try sitting on it. It can spoil the beauty of the kid’s toy.

How it is fun:

There are tricks made for toddlers and kids where they spend hours of enjoyment and without the fear of choking hazards. They can take slides and that would be an enormous joy for them. They can go far beyond only enjoying themselves. There is a ball set and then the ball coming out through the zigzag process. Then there is a little place beneath where a baby can crawl and hide under the slide. Hide and seek is another play which every kid is fond of playing, this play ball fun can also help the kid in hiding himself.  Once you are using this, then comes the idea of cleaning the product and you the kids are having. It is so simple to clean it take any cleansing stuff and wipe it, nothing difficult in it.

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