Baby Safety Cameras (Video and Audio):

Baby safety Cameras

Baby Cameras (Video and Audio):

Baby Safety cameras are important for the safety and security of cameras. Baby cameras are imperative for the safety and security of kids. Kids need someone to cater them even when they are sleeping, as their sleeping time and schedule is never determined. Baby cameras are helpful in this way, as busy parents cannot sit idle around the sleeping kids, thus someone to have a look on their every minute movement is compulsory. In this regard our online setup is trying its level best to approach you through you thick and thin. @ToysUAE you can get huge range of cameras to protect your baby from any inconvenience.

Babymoov YOO-Travel Long-life, rechargeable 250-metre range Video Baby Monitor:

Babymoov YOO travel baby monitor is there to help out your toddler and you can work out it with though complete trusting it. Its new innovated technologies are encouraging parents to use it in their kids room. These smart devices are helpful for kids as busy parents can install the camera in their room. Video and audio technology is helping in a better way.
Baby monitor with a camera:
A camera is installed with clear view so to take a notice of a kid, it keeps and eye on every kind of activity of kids. It is usually in small size so to ensure you its portable quality. It is quite obvious that one can go outside on vocations or somewhere and you cannot keep an eye on the sleeping kid. Baby monitoring through camera not only help parents but also keep the kids out of such waves which may harm a kid. This camera is all ears to hear and look around the least details and movement of a kid.
Radio emissions and electromagnetic rays:
Electromagnetic waves appear through by electrically charged particles undergoing acceleration, and these waves can obviously interact with other charged particles, exerting force on them. But this YOO travel camera makes it possible to avoid these rays and waves so to avoid kid from any kind of danger. Our first priority is to see the safety of kids and these cameras are perfect to accomplish the task.
24 hour wireless battery service:
Thanks to the 24 hours wireless battery service of the YOO camera, with which one can easily use it for long time. It takes less time to get charging on. It is having long life lithium battery in both the receiver and the cameras. You have to place the camera in your baby room and then you have the receiver in your hand. An audio and visual camera lets you know when your baby is awaking or when he is moving a bit. Thus it is just perfect device to use it.
Automatically night vision:
The camera is installed with automatic night vision so to provide a dim light to the room in order to aware through kids activities. Nowadays cameras have themselves such features where through infrared LED they can watch the baby in the darker room as well.


Babymoov Easy Care Audio Baby Monitor and Night light:

A huge range of different cameras having salient features is aiming to help you. Parents are usually tempting to get something to make their life easier. Easy care audio night is simpler to buy and economical to have, you can easily have it by remaining into your budget. It simply works out to provide you audio setup in your kid’s room. It is a kind of set, where you have to attach the device with the baby cot and keep the receiver with you.

Easy installation:

The first and foremost thing about buying any kind of specific device is to install them . The best thing about this audio camera is easy installation you don’t need to worry about the use of it. Just buy and have it by your side. With the easy installation things do become easy and you can make enormous use of device.


Another salient feature of this baby moov audio camera is portable. You can easily place into your bag and roam around anywhere. Wherever you go you can take it with you. As it is quite usual thing that parents need to go anywhere and kids can sleep anytime. Thus, it becomes a super security guard for your kids and comfortable for the family.


It is rechargeable, this quality of anything leads to durability of it. Once you charge it you can use it more than 24 hours a day. These cameras are super cool to help you out. The quality of charging is good enough to provide you with good time.

Clear sound:

The best thing about this camera is good sound, clear and good sound enhances the quality of it and a baby can sleep easily. Whenever he takes a little movement or he cries in his bedroom, the camera workout and clearly listens to all kinds of sound and clearly notify the receiver.

Vox Mode:

This camera holds the quality of Vox mode, that is Voice Activated Exchange it is activated in the camera device. This is what can sense the sound and activate the receiver in standby mode.


Foscam BABY Wireless IP Baby Monitoring Camera HD Blue W/ Night Vision:

Foscam Baby wireless is having a lot of features such as lullaby functioning, it is fully functional monitoring camera that accommodate to help you. Its little helping feature join hands to make your baby sleep more comfortable and your kid more protective.

Multifunctional digital monitoring audio and video:

Sometimes only sound is not totally reliving for parents we want video and audio both methods to be instilled in the camera thus to fulfil its function. Our Foscam camera baby range of audio and video helps our customers with fully command by providing them one year warranty. Even though the camera is easy to use we still can guide our customers in best way
Guaranteed stuff:

Sometimes we are so much choosy to buy anything and thus we could not decide often what to buy and what not. Therefore, we decided to provide our customers with one year money back guarantee and exchanging option. So, that they can easily decide what they have  to buy with full confidence.
Color contrasting to help your baby room:

Another big phenomenon for your toddler can be the eye catching color , for example it is natural tendency that our kids adhere to color combinations and girls tend to seek for pink and blue is considered for the boys. So if you are buying something for your toddlers room you can also opt for color contrast as well according to your gender.

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