Electronic Guard Safety Security Lockers

Electronic Guard Safety Security Lockers:

These lockers are compulsory for your safety and security at home. You can easily keep your home safe and sound without any kind of issues. These security lockers have profound system in them to keep them safe, thus providing you mental peace and internal relief.


Chubbsafes – EN DuoGuard 1300 Class B Electronic Lock Security Safe:

Electronic Guard Safety Security Lockers, ChubSafes Electronic lock is security guard for you, can keep anything for you and make things easier. It is multi dimensional device having many features to help you.

  • Fire Resistance:

It is fire resistance , as can protect your paper documents from fire till 60 minutes, sometimes we do not have to put cash but important documentations. In such case it is very much important to keep it safe with you.

  • Burglar Resistance:

Burglar resistance with grade 1, if you have cash enough to place in the security safe lockers to protect your assets, then again it is wonderful idea to buy it. Chubbsafes is your best choice in accordance with its great features.

  • One year warranty:

We provide one year warranty to our customers for the excellence of our product. You may not find any kind of defect in our product. We prefer quality but still we are available for the defects and manufacturing fault till one year.

  • Safe can be bolted to the floor:

It is made as per to facilitate the customers, such as it can be bolted to the floor. You can always make it the best place wherever you want to place. It is for your comfort zone.

Chubbsafes – Rhino MK II Class S2 M-55 Certified Fire & Burglar Resistant Safe with Digital lock:

Electronic Guard Safety Security Lockers, Chubbsafes are manufacturing such security and safety things for you while making some things pretty sure that they provide you with the best. Our security lockers are best as they provide you safety from your things being stolen and fire extinguishers as well. Different salient features are portraying for your betterment.

Shinjin – Safes Fire Resistant Safe, Model Vgf-1570 Signal Red With Electronic Lock:

As chubbsafes is working to provide you with best security lockers another shinjin is also doing the same. While buying any kind of lockers and security safes you can provide yourself with utmost comfort zone. With our unique and wonderful designing we are always up to the mark in giving the best. Lockers are the integral part of any home, one cannot deny the facet of having it. Safes are fire resistant too, that may also provide safety for some hour too. Our material is there to accommodate you in any way you want.


Chubbsafes – 130 17E Homestar Electronic Security Safe:

Clubsafe, Homestar electronic security safe is the perfect combination to place in your home. It is manufactured in such a case to provide comfort zone to its customers. Electronic security safe is guiding you at the best.


Chubb Epsilon Key Safe Size 4, Key Lock:

Electronic Guard Safety Security Lockers, Chup epsilon is providing secure storage and it possesses many keys to help you in best possible ways. It is proved that it is the largest security safe 208 larger capacity of cabinet. Amazing thing about this security safe can be the designing with a ladder racking system. Hooks are placed in order to adjust to store keys of various lengths. Another features is places that is anti-finishing plate which can protect the key ranks in order to provide high security.

  • Secured by a 8 lever double bitted keylock (2 keys).
  • Constructed with a 6mm solid steel door and 2mm steel body.
  • 3 way moving bolt work 16mm diameter steel bolts.
  • A four point fixing kit is supplied for rear fixing
  • Locking: Key lock
  • Key Capacity: 208 Keys
  • Ext. Dim. (mm): H500 x W400 x D250, Weight: 27.5 Kg, Capacity: 39L


Chubbsafes – Epsilon Size 1 K:

Different manufacturing styles and techniques have made things easier for their customers. People may go to any extent in order to satisfy their need of high security. Every product is different in their styles and techniques featuring different qualities and ways.

  • Door is made of 6mm steel
  • Body is made of 2mm steel
  • 16mm diameter steel bolts operating in three directions secure the door
  • Epsilon cabinets have a key deposit feature on the side of the safe which allows keys to be securely deposited inside.  Once inside, an anti-fishing plate prevents their removal
  • Keys are stored on key hooks which, thanks to internal ladder racking, can be adjusted to accommodate keys of different lengths
  • A four point anchoring kit is supplied so the safe can be securely rear fixed.
  • Double bitted 8 lever key lock
  • Four sizes available to hold 88, 128, 168 or 208 keys

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