Childhood Plans And Process

Childhood plans:

In our life we all make some plans some are altered some are protected some are forgotten. Every kid want to become a doctor engineer or anything less specified but then becomes some architecture some in science filed. It is not mandatory to become whatever we think. Some plans are better defined later on. We don’t know about everything perfectly. Things change with the matter of time and date. We grow and inherit new or old things. With the passage of time we learn to tackle things and handle situations more better.

childhood memories


At every step of life, we make memories regarding the life but childhood memories are never forgotten. In early age we do whatever we want to, later on we learn and seek things from outside the world. Memories have the important role in our life. Our parents and other people have the basic role in making things remarkable. Every person remembers the time spent at school. Those fellow members and comradeships are no where. Therefor the memories are always hard to forget.

Sand and Water play:

Sand and water play is the important factor in every body life. Every kid use to make some time with frequent activity. Sand is the play which every kid liked and played with it. There were some street activities and plays such as running , hide and seek etc. Water is another thing with which kids play they take bath in the swimming pools and enjoy with the water. They used to fill the pots and play with it.

water table

Growing Age:

Growing age was particularly a main reason to handle. With growth every person started acting differently in play. Girls used to play at home with their pots and utensils. Their accessories and doll were the reason to laugh and smile.  Boys felt tendencies towards cricket and volley balls etc. Age is the matter of fact which results in the change of every habit and circle. Everybody’s concern changes with the passage of time.

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