10 Ways to Stay Healthy

healthy food

1.Take Water:

Water is such a important factor in our lives that our earth contains 70% of the water. We should have the regular intake of it like a person should have water from 10 to 12 glass minimum. Water is equally important as it keeps us all away from the deceases. Water intake in good quality keep us healthy. If a human body is healthy and away from the decease then it can said it has the sufficient quality of water. Water intake in a good quantity can lead to a healthy body. It is so important to keep healthy the physique.

2.Eat Balanced Food:

We should always eat a healthy food and balanced diet. A balanced food contains proteins and carbohydrates. We should  take a proper quantity of meat every week and brothel soups so to keep ourselves energetic. Our food must have the variety of different things so to provide us with the balanced food. Fish is a compulsory food for all of us. Fish is complete embodiment of having energy. Eggs have the maximum calories for a body to survive in good way. We can use eggs in many alternative ways.

3.Stress Release:

A person should not have enough stress to make him physically weak. Our mental stability and mind work is the thing which determine our body to work accordingly. If we are taking stress all time it will weaken our immune system. With our weak immune system we are not able to eat the good food in well quantity. So we should try to release our stress maximum. The more you take tensions and finding no other solution you can feel the muscle retardation at very young age.

4.Take Exercise:

Take exercise daily. Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. A person should give maximum time to himself for breathing in fresh air and for inhaling in the fresh air. For a normal person  it takes 30 minute to walk and exercise in the morning for a healthy life style. Often people go for gym and yoga they are also good for keeping you healthy. Gym also make you able to look smart and thus making you able to avoid from any kind of depression. Taking exercise makes you able to live away from anxiety.

5.Salt and Sugar:

In our meal we have salt and sugar. Without these two our food menu is never completed. We enjoy the specific portion of salt and sugar in our food. With the passage of time it is proved that excess of everything is not good. We should acknowledge the fact that minimal portion is what is best for all. The more sugary items not only leads to obesity but also make it diabetic conscious. At times it becomes the reason for dangerous decease. So is the case with the salt you must know the accurate amount of the salt. We should not increase the quantity of it as it leads to blood pressure to run high.

6.Sleep is Healer:

As Shakespeare say “Sleep is the comforter, sleep is the embalmer”. Sleep is the most integral part of our life. We should have complete sleep without irregular intervals. Motherhood time period is the toughest in this regard. We should take proper sleep and should not ignore the fact that our body need comfort and thus it is the important thing to sleep. For a healthy person 7 to 9 hours of sleep is important. But on the other hand a lethargic and lazy person take 11 hours of sleep.

7.Calcium is Important:

Bones are the things with which we walk we run and cover all time activities of life. We need to have good food which must have the calcium. In our food it contains in the milk. We should take milk daily and milk is the complete embodiment of rich minerals and calcium. Calcium is very important to intake. We must have Cac 1000 cc to have the complete variety of calcium in our body.

8.Fruits And Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables contain the rich texture and maximum water intake in it. We can not rely on eating the meal daily so we should have the variety of food from where we can eat fruits and vegetables. Variety is what a human mind and body demand. We can eat the vegetable in anyway we like. We have always the variety of food and thus we can also eat fruit. Fruits have all the freshness to make us healthy. We should make a schedule to eat the fruit


9.No Smoking:

A person should not smoke if he want to live a healthy life. A smoker almost ends his life in half years. Smoking is really injurious to health. We should keep ourselves healthy and for this purpose we cannot carry such stuff. All the stuff prohibited is dangerous to our kidneys.

10.Wash your hands:

In this era, the most tough thing is to stay away of the covid and for this purpose we can keep ourselves neat and clean. We should wash our hands regularly and we should keep ourselves. Washing hands properly and after intervals is so compulsory.

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