Culture And Heritage Of Different Countries

1) Culture & Heritage:

Culture and heritage of different countries may realize that every country is the Asset of having different things. Every country has its way of celebrating its festivals and every little thing.  You may have heard that culture exhibit the exact Nation if we are living in Gulf countries their culture is totally different if you are a person of Pakistan you may see a variety of culture in one country because of the different provinces and their different living standard. Culture basically is known as the living style of the people. Every country carries its own Living Style their food there eating manners everything is different if we talk about the European culture that is again the different, everything in their own way everywhere. If you have to shop you need to go to a shopping mall and you find variety in it.

2) How Culture can be different:

If you have visited different countries you will see that there is a major difference in dressing sense of every country has got its own history of how the country came into being and how the people started to live there and how they came into vision. If we are talking about the culture then we can talk about the examples of a culture how culture can be different and how culture can be constructed in fact that is the norm. Norms are rules that decisions about your social behavior then come about the languages, every country has a lot of languages but what is the basic language of the country that is included in the culture of the country.

3) Festivals of Countries:

why holidays are spent then come to their festivals with how this festival celebrate in everyone can produce different ways of celebration of festivals. In every country, you may have seen that they enjoy Independence Day in their own way. Every country has a specific taste and food when you visit a specific country you will be given a different food because that country is famous for that food. So, whenever you are saying something about the culture and tradition and heritage of the countries there is a lot more to talk about a lot more to say that countries possess their culture and heritage everything in their own hands.

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