Gambol – Basketball Ring With Net And Bolt

Basketball Ring with Net:

Players have deep attraction and love towards basketball ring and net, a person who is enthusiastic about playing and learning trick must be in favor of buying such stuff. Often you must have visited such places where boys are naturally going to play with this game. This gives them the energy to reach their target in their life as well. It is presented with all the accessories to plug into a big garden or place where anyone can enjoy the pleasurable moments of playing this game. Therefore, this game takes 48 minutes to define the win or lose, there are four segments of 12 minutes consisting of full of thrill and excitement.

At International Level:

This game of basketball is not only played at the youth level in any country rather it is a game played at both national and international levels. There are many academies that are even giving training for becoming perfectionists in this field. Hence, everyone who is aspiring in this field is heading towards learning new things and tricks to learn up to the international level. Mostly, there are a number of reasons why this game has become popular such as it is a so exciting moment to throw a ball and wait for it, and sometimes it is so memorable when the whole team wins just by putting the ball into the net.


  • 45cm high-quality wall mounted hanging basketball goal cylinder hoop rim net, easy to assemble
  • The basketball rim features a heavy-duty steel frame with a powder-coated finish and constructed with welded-steel net hooks
  • Surface treatment: spray treated against rust and suitable for youth group and adults
  • Dimension/Size: 45cm Rim in diameter (NO.7 ball normal basketball), Installation height: 3.05 meters (suggest) and weight: 1.9 KG
  • Package includes Accessories:  4 x screws, 1 x Basketball rim, and 1 x Hoop net
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Gambol - Basketball Ring With Net And Bolt
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Gambol - Basketball Ring With Net And Bolt
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