Growth Spurt Is Important


Growth Spurt:

Growth Spurt is what age matters. This is particular the time period when growth becomes more intense. Kids have some changes in their life. They feel more tendency to sleep and hunger. This time may very in every kid but then growth is compulsory for all. It is the time period of child growing into maturity. A child goes into grow and then the time of puberty comes. Parents monitor the changes in the child growth and are highly concerned about the activities.


Age Factor:

Age factor is important in the life of kids. The time between the age of 8 to 13 is crucial in the girls. They may feel the changes in their harmones. While in the boys they feel changes between 10 to 115. Their body feel changes which can give them the awkward moment but then again the growth is natural.

Outdoor Activities:

With the growing age we should make our kids able to learn outdoor activities. They play an inherent role in the life of kids. If they all the time stick to electronics it will not make them able to grow in an healthy environment. For such purpose parents should help the kids to go for outdoor activities. It is far more than to play outside just like cricket and badminton. These play time lead the kids to grow in an open air.

Difference in boys n girls:

The difference in the age of boy and girls is of important. A girls age span is from 8 to 13 years where she grow in different growth spurt. A boy age span is from 10 to 15 years. First of all the appetite of the kid is raised high then we feel the change in the sleep. We feel an increase in the muscle and increase in the bone. Thus we feel the difference of boys and girls, the changes are somewhat same

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