Gulf Countries Culture & Traditions

1) Gulf countries:

Gulf countries include Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Emirates. The Gulf Countries Council is made up for the convenience of people so that they may enrich the joy of these Gulf countries. All GCC countries have a coastal line at the very edge of the country. All these gulf countries are Muslim states and therefore they are following the basic rules of Islam thus holding hands is allowed but no other example of affection. They are following the basic dress code such as an abaya for all the females and a similar dress for men.

2) Bahrain:

Bahrain is situated on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf, where not less than 30 islands are situated. The country’s chief city, port, and capital, Maname (Al-Manāmah), is located on the northeastern tip of Bahrain Island. Many visitors get around this beautiful place to see a cosmopolitan city. The weather is unpleasant mostly because it turns too hard in summer when the temperature reaches high. The official language is Arabic but however, the widely used language is English. People from different countries live here and thus it becomes commonplace for different people.

3) Qatar:

Many people go to Qatar, to visit various famous places there. Qatar is famous for safari tours, museums, Banana islands, and other such places. Doha is a modern city famous for its safari tour and people come from different places to enjoy its richness. Adventure lovers can rejoice with a day trip to the splendor of Khor Al Adaid (Khawr al Uday). Sitting spectacularly in the Qatar Desert, there’s an abundance of activities to try out, from traditional camel rides along the beach to an unforgettable paddle in the Arabian Gulf. You can enjoy the outclass cuisines in Qatar when you have Balaleet, Wrak Enab, Majboos, and madruba.

4) Oman:

Oman is in the Middle East and it borders the UAE in the west and Yemen in the South. It is the best place for visitors to come as it rapidly did the success in many spheres of life. Omanis are good people and therefore treat everyone equally. Temperature is always hot and in summers it becomes tough as all the GCC are considered hot. People living at Uae or Saudia do not need a visa to arrive in Oman and they can enter the country just by showing their id card at Airport. Arabic is the national language but still many people speak excellent English especially in the places where tourists come. People speak Jabbali and Mehri language in the smaller region. Oman is famous for its Historic Fort, Bahla Fort, Rugged Mountains, and huge Dessert Tunes. Most food is Arabic and some dishes are found of as Omani Dishes. Omani sweets are the best among the countries and the taste is just the same as Turkish Delights. In khaboora you can get Pakistani Porotha and the best thing is that they are double the size of normal paratha.

5) Kuwait:

Kuwait is another renowned country of GCC where Oil reserves were founded in commercial quantities. Kuwait is still a developing country with a huge quantity of oil. Its dinar is the most expansive one. Crossing the border by car from the United Arab Emirates into Musandam via the peninsula, Ras al Khaimah the visa-on-arrival fee was OMR5 (as of April 2016). However, the border official stated this was only valid for 1 week. Kuwait was under Portuguese control and then founded later in the 16th century as a fishing village. The totality of the treatment of the Bedoons amounts to a policy of denationalization of native residents, relegating them to an apartheid-like existence in their own country. The Kuwaiti government’s policy of harassment and intimidation of the Bedoons and of denying them the right to lawful residence, employment, travel, and movement, contravene basic principles of human rights . . . Denial of citizenship to the Bedoons clearly violates international law. Kuwait is considered the less developed among all the Gulf Countries as the ruling people were Al Sabah and they were corrupt.

6) Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is the only place which is along the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Petroleum was discovered here, and after that it is considered the second country oiling. Saudi Arabia is a total monarchy. There were some clashes between the parties but then after 1992 some things settled and now sheiks are ruling over the country. The king combines social and legislative issues. Muslims have some kind of attachment to this Country due to religious affirmation. Mecca and Medina are close to every Muslim Heart and therefore we all want to visit that places. The primary law is about Islam and according to sharia. Most of the tasks are ruled by Islamic values. The food of Saudi is famous which is halal, and that is kebab and falafel. People eagerly eat shawarma too.

7) United Arab Emirates:

The United Arab Emirates, is a place where people from different countries and different cultures come  and then they visit and re visit the place. It is indeed a wonderful place where you can shop a lot of things at less price. The Government is strictly making all the people to follow the rules and sheikhs are ruling this country. Tourists may visit Burj Khalifa , Dessert Safari and many such places. Famous food can be mandi, falafel, and other such food with less spices. Dirham is used at Dubai and it is slowly slowly getting the right position towards the development of Country. The best services at Dubai are about their online shopping method no body can fraud. When you need something you can order anything from online toy store that Toysuae serving the best to all.




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