How to Control Kids Jealousy

Jealousy among kids:

Jealousy among kids is so common, every kid desires to remain close to the parents. In the premises of life,  parents have to do a lot of chores and thus it becomes tough to keep all the things in balance. Sometimes a little or younger kid of the home takes much attention and time of the parents. An elder kid demands more attention and gets little. Therefore, jealousy arises and therefore it is so common and everywhere. Kids are treated equally and parents love every kid of them, but they feel a lack by their own conception of love.

A disease:

Jealousy is a disease you must pray to get rid of that. Once you have become a victim of it you cannot survive in a better way. You become habitual to feel in a different way and then you keep on thinking in that particular way. It is thus not less than a disease and you must try to save yourself from it. It is the result of perpetual thinking in one direction.

How to eradicate:

Eradication of anything that can lead to disastrous results should be avoided. We should try our best to remain active in the house and see where is the problem.  Why a child feels jealous? A child’s jealousy maybe because of the toys with which other siblings are playing. It can be other little things where the child wants others to accept her in everything. You can give priority to that kid who lacks something. Parents can give one extra chocolate or candy. You can give extra time to the babies of the home.

Solution of the kid’s Problems:

The solution to the kid’s problem should be done in the best way:

  1. Give much love
  2. Spend more time
  3. Give priority to kid
  4. Provide extra things to him/her
  5. Keep elder kids at the front
  6. The jealous one should important
  7. Only love can treat
  8. Clear concept about ending the feeling of jealousy


The disadvantages of this kind of jealousy can be increased and a child can become less confident in overall performance. A person feels low then others and this thing becomes dangerous. Thus we should always stop him from doing anything. Parents love every kid and they try to treat every kid in the same methods.

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