How to Reduce Belly Fat In Easy Way

Obessity :

Obesity is the root cause of hundred of disease and you must take it in your notice. We are living in the era where we have mobile and internet services all time. We hardly focus on the things that are helping us to gain weight within short time. If we start bothering about our obessity and weight gain situation then surely we can reduce. Our belly fat is the foremost thing to make us fat. If we try to reduce this, surely we can manage about our belly reduction. There are various things that can help us to burn the calories and reduce extra fats of the body such as:

  1. Lemon
  2. Garlic
  3. Banana
  4. Hot Water
  5. Lentils
  6. Green Tea


Lemon is the perfect and most useful thing for kitchen. It has so many benefits and you can use it anywhere. Lemon is the best thing to reduce the belly fat and you can use it in many ways. Early in thew morning when you wake up, you can take water and then mix the lemon in it. It is the best way to burn your calories. Lemon is easy to use and easy to intake.


Garlic is best to use in qehwa to reduce the belly fats, you can add garlic in the water. You can take a piece of it and can dip it into the water. This garlic helps to energise your body functions and gives an exuberant tast of your drink. You can make it daily and thus you can take this drink made of garlic which is good idea to reduce the belly fats.


Banana is all time favorite of kids, therefore you may have notice almost every home has the bunch of banana. It is naturally sweetened but it has hidden means of helping you. The one who easts bananas feel more healthy and thus the thickness of it help them to remove the extra food particles that may cause obessity.

Hot Water:

Hot water is the best hting to bure your fat and perhaps, the easiest way. It is the most renowned thing. For losing the extra fat,  you need to take 7 -8 litre of water constantly. Excessive water helps to remove the remaining food particles so that you can easily adjust the place for new food.


Lentils are the light food, they can provide you the maximum vitamins without giving the risk of obessity. You can easily cook them and enjoy your meal. You can use boiled lentils with salads so that they can fill you empty stomach and then you do not feel the need to gather more protiens.

Green Tea:

Green Tea is the perfect combination of all the necessary nutrient  that may help you to reduce the extra collected fats. You can enjoy your meal to the extent that you feel your belly is full. Then you can bol the water and easily add the green tea bags that confirm about your losing the fats and decrease the risk of obessity.



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