Unhealthy Habits Of Kids

Skipping breakfast:

Unhealthy Habits Of Kids is Skipping breakfast is the worst habit of kids, they are not in the mood to eat anything and thus their empty stomach becomes the vessel that makes the noise. Kids usually go to their school without taking any healthy meals and then they do not perform well in their life. One should be enough able to apply a good routine in their lifestyle, They must follow a good and healthy meal in their breakfast. They should not skip their breakfast at all.

Too much Sleep:

Too much excessive sleep can take you nowhere, you can disturb your whole routine if you are not sleeping or waking on time. Excess of everything is bad, and one must make sure that punctuality and regularity can make your life a way better. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise, a proverb that explains everything in fact. Sleeping hours are differentiated, kids can sleep more than 18 hours when they are toddlers. Sometimes a kid may feel lethargic and that is the reason for his sleep. While a person needs to take 8-9 hours of sleep which is considered maximum sleep.

No playing:

Life is the combination of so many things, in your life, you need many things to accomplish your goals. Your regular physical activity is important in this regard. Kids do not grow properly if they do not find maximum time to play. No play can makes the jack a dull boy. All things should be organized in such a way that a kid may be able to get a healthy lifestyle. Things should be organized because boredom can lead to the failure of a kid. He must be given ample chances to play together. When kids play together along with other kids of their age, they develop socially good habits. When a kid interacts with others, he definitely loves to become socialized with other kids.  There are many things that can provide a kid with more reasons to play outdoors or indoors.

Not Eating food on time:

Not eating food on time, can lead to poor health, You may have seen many kids who are not eating on time or others who are preferring to eat from outside markets. Hence, eating less or no food can lead them to suffer a lot, Kids stomachs are not as strong as the elder ones, thus it becomes a problem for them. Eating food and eating healthy food can make them strong and grow fast. They can be cured of illness if they are having ample quality fruits and food. One should try to eat healthy food, and kids are depending upon their parents so they must be given rich nutrients from the food.

Screen timing:

with the advancing technologies and achievements, screen timing is an issue for every kid. No matter, how much you try to avoid but eventually you shift to screen time, and thus screen timing can lead your child to so many problems. Children are children, they must not be given any such thing that can disturb their peace of mind. Screen timing can destroy their routine, it can hurt their eyes and later on result in weakness in the eyes. Thus, it is the duty of parents to have an eye on their activities and should not long for screen timing.

Being Aggressive:

You may have seen some kids being aggressive and not behaving politely or always reacting in such a way as if they are shouting most of the time. And you can notice the sudden change in their behavior too, once they are polite and calm and at another moment they are aggressive and highly shouting in their tone. Being aggressive becomes their part and thus they are never calm or polite. This behavior should be condemned and kids must be told about the calm and serenity of life. Parents should notice the reasons behind this attitude, it can be due to the lack of love they shed for their kids. It can be the specific jealousy of the kid from other kids.


Sometimes a kid is in fact moody, and you can never judge him or her. Moody in fact implies to all these kids who are stubborn and not ready to hear anything. They are in fact not listening to their elders, and then comes the problem. Therefore always try to grow your kid in such a way that they not heading towards being moody. A kid should be given the ability to deal with problems.

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