What can be the best routine for kids

1) Breakfast timing:

Best routine for kids Our kids have different routines daily, you never know what they want to do or not. When they get up in the morning, sometimes they are in their best mood and they can just follow whatever they are said to do. On the other hand, they do not follow prescribed directions rather they get up when they are willing and then do not follow anything. It is in fact totally a matter of kids’ moods where they eat, drink or read or write when they want. If you want to see the best routine life for your kids you are supposed to start with breakfast. Once breakfast is given on time and kids are happy in the morning they can follow the later things in a good way.

2) The ideal thing to do :

For making and adjusting kids in an ideal way you can just provide them the best ways. Kids usually hear what their hearts say and thus they follow their directions by them. You can engage them in healthy activities such as if your child is a preschooler or sitting at home try to mix with some kind of educational things. If you have a kid of 3 or more you can bring colors to him so that he starts taking interest in coloring. Kids soon start taking interest in such things that attract them to colors. You can buy your kids puzzle games so to engage in a more subtle way. Routines and schedules are best if followed daily. Thus, it is mandatory for you to provide a kid an ideal setup and routine.

3) Kid’s routine in the best way:

If you want your kid’s routine in the best way you can always adjust priorities and least priorities. Kids love to play all time even if they have to do a lot of work but they always prefer to waste time just playing. Playing is their childhood part and you can never ignore them in this way. But on the contrary,  if you provide them with some healthy mind sort of things they can flourish in the best way. So, the best routine can be providing them breakfast on time, then providing them healthy mind sorts of things to play with. Then adjust their timings of play and eat properly on schedule thus they can find the best routine.

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