Wonderworld – Trix Track Tower Launcher

Trix Track Tower Launcher:

Trix Track is a rule that wonderfully teaches a kid. It is in fact practicing the theory on a practical note. Once you buy and start playing with it, you will notice the starting point and finishing point. A ball is coming down through passing different verges. You can learn the actual physics then, on a point where the ball gets friction, velocity, and other movements. A kid may have learned something about force and gravity but the best and actual example is the Trix track, where a ball follows different methods and perspectives.

Buy Endless fun:

Watching new things and creating something tricky becomes the reason for endless fun. You enjoy it a lot when you see some tracks and passages to enjoy. When you add up more tricks it enhances your joy and things become more fun. The apparently seeming easy task of the ball moving is not actually that easy and kids learn more facts of life.

Imagination and perception:

By playing with this trix trick a child gives hellow to his perception and imaginations.. He tries to solve the mystery hidden and how and why rules of the game. This games gives him more reasons to imagine. Different color of bricks attracts him a lot , and if the baby is yet not so grown up to recognize the color variation. These bricks are so colorful giving the child exact color combinations and brightness. Games are always healthy activity no matters what, We always admire  a kid who loves to play physically and mentally.


  • Wooden ball track runs vertically
  • Promotes intellect and skills, spatial perception, creativity and concentration
  • Encourages imagination
  • 100% non toxic material used and it is an environmental friendly brand.
  • Unique brick locking system
  • Durable bricks made from recycled plastic and sawdust
  • Can be mixed and played in different combinations
  • Fun colourful design


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