COVID 19 and its Journey

1) Covid 19 symptoms:

Covid 19 symptoms vary from one place to another, every person who gets this virus gets it from different places and thus these vary in symptoms. Some people get flu and cough, some get fever and some get totally different things.  Some may get light or some may get severe symptoms, some only feel headache, dizziness, and no cough at all. Others may get severe symptoms such as lung issues and breathing problems.  These types of patients who get severe problems are transferred to hospitals and then shifted to ventilators. Such patients create fear of death in everyone around them. People hardly get easy breaths and are then injected with oxygen. Therefore we can say that symptoms vary in every person. If you are not getting the smell and loss of taste it means you are having the covid symptoms.

2) How to protect:

Protection is another thing after knowing the symptoms. One should try to save him on a prior basis. The foremost thing is to stay home and stay safe. If you go around on a necessary basis then you have to wear Mask, the mask is compulsory to wear during these days. Mask-wearing can lessen the risk of death rate. Because this virus goes into the mouth and then reaches to lungs, if it gets access, it can take you to the grave. But still, you can save your life by wearing a mask, washing your hands off and on, by not going outside unnecessarily. Once a person is covid positive he faces a lot of problems and weaknesses.

3) Precautionary Measures:

Everyone tries to save himself in this tough time, thus by taking the precautionary measures. But still, we do not know when we are attacked by this virus. We should take our safety on a priority basis. We can keep ourselves in a clean environment where there is less chance of prevailing the virus. But what we are supposed to do if we get attacked by this virus. First of all, shut yourself in a separate room where there fewer people come and go. Meet no one, and do not ever shake hands with anyone. Eat healthy food, brothels, and soups of mutton to energize you and to create heat inside your body to kill the covid germs. You have to wear a mask all time so no to transfer your germs to any other person. If you feel difficulty in breathing you must consult your doctor.

4) Vaccination to prevent & Safe:

For fighting with this disease and plague every country purchased this vaccination on greater scale so that people could prevent the covid and remain safe. It was not easy in initial steps to buy vaccine and provide to all the nation. But after the severe effort people tried it and thus to remain safe they made it popular too. There are variation in this vaccine too, some people choose what they want to inject. These are all made for the betterment of humanity. In Dubai,  people are still wearing mask and taking good care to avoid this covid situation.

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