Teddy Baby Growing Bed With Drawers


  • First-class chipboard and MDF were used in its production.
  • Internationally accepted high-quality standards.
  • Easy to install, thanks to its demounted feature.
  • It can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.
  • It should not be exposed to water for a long time.
  • Ability to be a rocking bed
  • Has multiple drawers
  • Side drops
  • Convertible into a big bed as the child grows (60 x 170).
  • Mattress and accessories not included
  • Adult Assemble required


The Belis baby bed collection, renovated with aesthetic details, has been prepared to meet all your and your baby’s wishes. Lines, patterns, and colors in unique tones will contribute to the rhythm of your life and add quality to your baby’s precious sleep. While focusing on quality in production, Belis never lose their sensitivity to health and the environment by using safety materials. A bed that transformed into a teenage bed and a bedside table. Also known as “lifetime crib” or convertible cribs, making a swift gain in popularity due to their ability to grow with your child. The most long-term cost-effective option, as you’ll only need this one bed for the majority of your childhood.

Teddy Baby Growing :

Teddy baby grows with the bed ensures the security of the kid. A perfect thing to give someone and to buy for your own baby because of its long-lasting duration. By the title, it is evident that this bed grows with the child as it is having the capability to handle the baby in different stages. This one bed is useful for many purposes due to its convertible option. After placing the baby in a perfect place,  the other major issue comes with his accessories. Little kids have so many things to place here and there, then these drawers attach to the bed are used. It proves so much helpful.

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