Step2 – Grand Lux Kitchen for Kids

Precious things for girls:

The kitchen set, a precious thing for a girl to play in the kitchen which itself is carrying so many real resemblances. Thus, in fact, becomes the favorite of every baby girl to play in the kitchen set. It is inherent in every girl to make a home, the quality they cannot resist ever. Baby girl is always fond of such toys which can provide her things to make the cooking accessories. A girl always follows the footstep of her mother and when sees her working in a kitchen. She then naturally aspires to the kitchen setup. It becomes every mother’s selection to buy a kitchen set that may give eternal happiness to the family.

kitchen set

Kitchen handling:

Kitchen handling is a task handed over to every woman. A girl always tends to follow the techniques and works done in the kitchen. In the kitchen it is easy to work for a baby girl this is the reason a kid tries to play in the kitchen. Kids always desire to have the complete kitchen set in the toy range and it becomes their favorite tool.


Luxury Kitchen style:

This kitchen style is full of the luxury lifestyle of kids.

  • They can watch and store all the fresh ingredients inside the deluxe refrigerator with real working lights. It is presented with an extra-large oven with oversize clicker knobs. It is having working lights and window so that the little chefs see what’s cooking on the inside
  • Modern play kitchen design includes upscale, premium “slate-style” appliance finishes for a superior look and feel.
  •  The kitchen toy set is spacious, farm-style sink and faucet give this play kitchen a modern style.
  • Luxury play kitchen features an elegant style subway tile backsplash and “stacked stone” finishes.
  • The large granite-style countertop allows for multiple little chefs to entertain for hours and they feel so much busy as if they are working on something important.
  • Electronic stovetop burner features working lights and fun sounds to let little ones imagine they are a culinary expert! (batteries not included)
  • Extra storage space makes clean-up time quick and easy!
  • 78-piece accessory set included
  • Requires 5-AA and 6-AAA batteries, not included
  • Adult assembly required.

Girls attribute to play in the kitchen:

As mentioned earlier, the girl’s tendency and attributes have no boundaries but their circle evolves around the kitchen sets, cooking, and baking sets. Girls learn to play and cook in their own way. This is a grand-size kitchen set with a refrigerator and cooking oven letting to displaying the kids their inner capacities and capabilities.

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